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Today's news JAn. 27, 2022

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News January, 2022

Relive the 70s on Kawi's Z650RS retro bike, now in new retro color

Kawasaki calls it "firecracker red," and we would say it "looks like it rolled out of some guy's shaggin' wagon.'" The little 650 parallel twin isn't really as beloved as Kawasaki's fours, or even Yamaha's similar twins. But, Kawi is riding the nostalgia wave all the way and upgrading the 650 to at least look like a cool bike, and upgraded it so it actually rides like one, too. 
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News January, 2022

New Harleys hark back to the 80s,
and echo today's modern customs 

Would you look at that, mid-pegs. On a big cruiser. And small bags and fairing that doesn't look like it's hiding a tape deck. What's going on at Harley Davidson? Well, one look at the King of the Baggers racers hints at why the big baggers look like the racers that are burning up YouTube every year. 
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News January, 2022

Excited (Really!) For the New KLR650
With Extra Grunt, Modern Features

"Featuring fuel injection for the first time," doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is for the Kawasaki KLR650. The old reliable KLRs were never known for power,  but they are popular, cheap, and fun bikes. The new KLR is ready to take on the hottest segment in motorcycling right now, and an attractive price.

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News January 2021

180 HP new Triumph Speed Triple: Modern Muscle

Wow, with 180HP and 92ft/lbs of torque, this thing has the power of a CBR600rr, and R3 AND a GSXR250 - yet only weighs 436 pounds. This is modern grunt, but controlled with a new traction control system because, as Carroll Shelby said, "There's no such thing as too much power, just not enough grip." This thing promises to be a romper room on two wheels. 

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News Dec. 2020

The new R 18: Harley/Indian or Guzzi/Vulcan competitor?

The new R 18 is gorgeous. It's a great looking, and likely great performing, bike. But, will it capture the market from other big cruisers? The first BMW hog, the R1200C, didn't really do much, but that bike was underpowered and only got cred from being in a James Bond film. This beast? Well....

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Why the new ZH2 matters

Kawasaki's new ZH2 could be the bike that changes naked bikes forever with big power, and a low price.

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New Vintage Dark: Harley on Notice

New Indian Vintage Dark takes on Road Kings: Is this the bagger that changes things? 

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You Meet The Nicest People on a BRAND NEW Honda 125? 

First the Monkey returns, and now the 125? 

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